Monday, 6 January 2014

Morning Briefing Bingo

We've all been there. We all know what it's like, to be sat, bored, tired and cradling a cup of tea or coffee as if letting it go will immediately condemn your soul to the very inky blackness that it reflects. Instead of the rage overflowing like your marking pile, why don't you get together with the other teachers that genuinely don't give a shit/actually see things for the way they are/aren't terrible people and play a little morning game to wake you up?

And with this in mind I present:

Morning Briefing Bingo.

The game is simple.
Print out a game board then write out, or print out all of the game cards of all the things you might (will) see and hear in your morning briefing. Divvy up all of the cards and stick them on your game board. Then cross off the things that happen as they come up. Squares are one point, lines are ten points each, first to a full house wins automatically.

I suggest forfeits for losers such as a class set of marking, lunchtime duty, a round at the pub or death.

Bingo Card:

And here are your choices of briefing bingo bonanza . (I suggest you print out a few of each. and share them around)

Please enjoy, and tell me how it goes on @calamityteacher Photos are always welcome!

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