Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Just a short and piecemeal post today, predominantly based on some beautiful questions from students this week.

'Sir, is King Kong a real place?'
King Kong? is it a real place?'
'Do you mean Hong Kong?'
'Is it ia real place?'
'Yes. Yes it is.'


'Sir is the First World War the one with the wall?'
'Do you mean the Berlin wall?'
'No it's not. That wall separated Berlin after the second world war, and Berlin is of course the capital of?'

These kids really have no world view. They aren't stupid, they just have no idea what is going on in the world outside their facebook friends.
I have a new way of making students think you have lost the plot. My shoes were killing my feet today and so I took them off and taught in my socks. My mismatched one-pink one-orange socks.

Thats all. for now. I'm sorry for the sparse nature. 

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