Sunday, 4 November 2012

And Now, The End is Near.

See that bit in the profile? yeah that it, the one with the bit that says updates Monday, Wednesday and Friday? Yeah that was a lie. I apologise. I am a terrible person. I have let myself go. I am sorry, it is half term and bad things have happened to me. By bad things i mean i made an excelloent plan based around alleviating all my stress for next term through an extensive and intensive programme of marking, planning and theorising. What I have actually done includes watching films, digging out the N64 from the loft and going running. I have had a happy time.

What I am not happy about is that come monday I am totally screwed. For now bliss is found in beautiful ignorance.

I have been reading some educational textbooks, which makes me feel like I don't know who I am anymore. I got voluntold recently that i need to do some work on G and T. This seem to be the dirtiest term in education at the moment. The sheer amount of literature for G and T provision is tiny compared to SEN, and SEN seems to be the Cinderella of teaching and specialties- grimy and difficult at first but guarenteed to make you famous by association, whereas G and T seems to be the Mulan - largely ignored by seasoned critics and  but potentially spectactular. I am unsure where I sit, and I am also ensure of the literature that I have read so far. It seems to predominantly just theorise good teaching instead of anything specific to very able students. It seems as if noone really know what they're doing with this G and T milarky. Seem like the perfect home for a revolutionary.

If only I could get through this level on Goldeneye I'd get to work.

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