Tuesday, 20 May 2014


For the first time in my teaching career, I got to watch a prospective teacher deliver their interview lesson. It was horrible. The person observed was a PGCE student and it all just felt a little awkward because, essentially, he looked terribly under-trained. I don't know where he was studying (I don't really want to) as I wasn't heading up the interview, but it was a little bit embarrassing. The candidates were asked to teach something in English that they are passionate about. I took running internal monologue notes. I will repeat these, now.
  • Passionate about persuasive writing? Really?
  • Underpitched and nervous.
  • Cross-curricular (tick.)
  • Seemed to go off task early
  • Tone almost too pushy. 
  • Am I bored? I think I'm bored. 
  • Pace slow
  • Overtalks
  • By the book. 
  • Developed confidence
  • Class very quiet (not sure if this is a good thing)
  • Some explanations very vague. 
  • Not a worksheet. Please not a worksheet. 
  • Oh shit; it's a worksheet. 
  • Good classroom prescence
  • Students on task (note to self: Do they like worksheets?)
  • What have they learned at this point?
  • Feedback a touch weak and underdeveloped.
  • Is task too easy here?
  • Could be trained into a good teacher
  • Would have liked to see evidence of subject knowledge. 
  • Keywords? Spelling? Modelling?
  • Questions from class? Have they been taught any developed techniques?
  • Resource heavy. No individuality until 30mins in. Why? (Bad PGCE teaching maybe?)
  • Is this better than my interview lesson as an NQT?
  • Lacks confidence in own skill.
  • Potential but trained badly. 
  • With confidence, shows personality
  • Missing unpicking of learning
  • Plenary is quite nice but inherently rubbish. 

It's a roller coaster eh? I don't know what it is this year but it seems impossible to find good teachers to hire. Seems like everyone is leaving and there is a substantial lack of quality in the new students, in this case, seemingly, because they are badly trained and don't take risks. No life. I dunno, maybe something is putting people off...

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