Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The Secret Anguishes Of Being A Teacher or Other Reasons To Strike

It's a hard life being a teacher, but not just because of the working hours. On a daily basis there are a mass of unintentional, and rather unexpected, anguishes that may be ignored by the prospective learning facilitator. If you are a member of the Freemasons NUT and you can't remember what you're meant to be striking about, maybe you can consider some of these option:

1) Resisting squeezing a student's particularly juicy blackhead or spot.
2) Oh God I need the loo but it's the middle of a double period.
3) I've forgotten your name despite teaching you for years.
4) Outside of school awkward student encounter.
5) 'My dad says that science is a lie.'
6) 'Some people believe that...'
7) It's a bonus boring assembly!
8) Friday afternoon, nearly out the door, 'Sir can I just talk to you for a second...'
10) The conundrum of 'How ill am I?' versus 'Teaching is Easier Than Setting Cover.'
11) Oh crap, What is that LSA called again?
12) I have no idea what I taught this class last lesson...
13) 'Miss? Do you think I can get a C?' 'Errrrr..'
14) Awkward corridor conversation with the head.
15) I really need to fart. Now. Which student can I fart behind and blame it on.
16) How long have my flies been undone?
17) Observing another teacher and being on the verge of falling asleep.
18) Meeting an ex-student you worked really hard with and receiving the answer to the question of 'what are you doing now' with 'oh, y'know, I work at Tesco's/the chippy/pub/brothel greeter.'
19) Pretending to students that you are striking for ethical reasons instead of a midweek lie-in.
20) The first day back. That is all. 
21) Unproductive planning time guilt
22) How am I meant to teach hungover? this is unethical. I should not be expected to work in these conditions.
23) Having to have a chat about hygiene with a student.

One day my educational version of Monopoly will finally see the print it deserves, or maybe Fantasy Flight will accept my design for a collectable teaching card game, and when either of these things happen then these will certainly be included as hazards for somewhat hapless player to avoid. (If you're reading, @FFgames I think you need to check your junk emails. My submission must be in there somewhere and you can't miss this. It's off the chain.)

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