Monday, 31 December 2012

50 shades of?

He slowly took of his shoes and plaid socks. It had been a hard day at work and he wiggled his toes in the warm air of the fire-lit lounge, the gaps between them, still slightly filled with plaid fluff drunk in the warm air of the lounge. He looked up as she walked into the lounge. The light from the kitchen door was blocked out by her diminuitive waistline and her buxom chest cast a long, sunsual shadow across the woodblock floor. As she walked toward him his lips just parted. He drew in a little breath. She still astounded him, there was always something fresh in the step of her little feet. Before that touch of a breath could form a real word she had placed a finger on his lips. Her eyes looked half-drunk in the low light but the flicker of the fire lit them up with a smouldering fire. She bent over and kissed him. Just a light kiss that left a ghost of itself on his parched lips. She whispered in a low voice that he didn't as much hear, but feel quiver in the bottom of his lungs.
'Shall we?' His response was immediate. 
'Not tonight love, I have to mark these controlled assesments.'

An excerpt from my upcoming novel 'Fifty Shades of Mr Grey, Second in English'

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